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Obstetrix Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of Houston has a history spanning over 25 years of caring for women with high-risk pregnancies and complex Maternal-Fetal conditions. Our practice offers the complete spectrum of Maternal-Fetal Medicine services to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care possible.

Obstetrix Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of Houston provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient management of high-risk pregnancies, with services ranging from preconception counseling, prenatal counseling, fetal ultrasound, pregnancy management, delivery and critical care obstetrics.

Our team is comprised of expert Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, advanced practitioners, nurses, obstetric sonographers and administrative staff who are committed to providing exceptional patient care and customer service.

We partner with our patients and their families and work collaboratively with obstetricians and other medical specialists to create a personalized care plan to achieve the healthiest possible pregnancy and outcome for expecting mothers.

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What is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist?

Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists, also known as perinatologists, manage high-risk pregnancies affected by complex Maternal-Fetal conditions. Maternal-Fetal Medicine is considered a subspecialty of obstetrics. MFM specialists undergo training that includes four years in obstetrics and gynecology residency after completing medical school.

Following OB/GYN residency is a three-year Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellowship where they engage in clinical research and receive extensive clinical training in the management of obstetrical and medical complications during pregnancy, fetal ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there is an increased chance of complications for a pregnant mother, baby or both. Potential pregnancy complications can develop due to a pre-existing condition or Maternal-Fetal complications caused by pregnancy.

You may be referred to an MFM specialist if your pregnancy is impacted by the following:

• A pre-existing maternal health condition and you are pregnant or would like to become pregnant
• You have experienced a complication in a previous pregnancy
• You develop a complication that impacts your maternal health during or shortly after pregnancy
• Your baby or babies develop a complication or are diagnosed with a congenital anomaly during pregnancy
• You have experienced a complication in a previous pregnancy
• You are pregnant with multiples: twins, triplets, or more
• Advanced Maternal Age (AMA)

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