New research shows that hospitalized children who are active have a better and faster recovery. “We can preserve muscle strength. We can preserve neurological function. We can actually get these kids out of the hospital, healthy, happy and functioning, at least as good as they were when they came in,” said Dr. Melanie Cooper-Flaigle, MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric intensivist at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Wash. With that goal in mind, Dr. Cooper-Flaigle co-championed the new Rise and Shine program, which includes different activities for kids to do to help get them out of bed when possible. And while it can be challenging, Dr. Cooper-Flaigle says it’s always worth it. “I’ve seen kids improve. I’ve seen kids move faster. I’ve seen kids get home faster,” she said. “I’ve seen kids come back to us and say thank you for making me do that.”

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