Thank you for your interest in MEDNAX. We encourage you to explore job opportunities at MEDNAX and to review openings that are listed on our website. We would like to assure you that all official MEDNAX websites and resources are completely safe and secure. We have always, and will continue to, make every effort to ensure the privacy and security of information provided to us from potential candidates.

However, please be aware of fraudulent scams and communications that do not originate from MEDNAX and its affiliated entities. This may consist of internet, email, and/or telephone scams in which fraudsters may try to take advantage of job seekers by pretending to represent prominent companies, including MEDNAX. Intended victims may be invited to participate in bogus interviews, asked to fill out fabricated employment applications and, on occasion, have even been issued fake offer letters, all with the ultimate goal of trying to entice victims to pay money or divulge sensitive personal information. Do NOT fall victim to these scams.

During the initial recruiting process, MEDNAX and its affiliated entities never seek fees from either prospective employees or contractors and will not ask any candidate for banking information, credit card numbers, financial information, or any other information to facilitate the transfer of funds.

Here are additional things to watch for:

  • Communications that are unsolicited or unexpected, or are from an individual or website with which you are unfamiliar or whose domain name is inconsistent with that used by the actual business;
  • Correspondence from free e-mail accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. A MEDNAX employee will not solicit candidates through a non-MEDNAX email address or phone number. In addition, MEDNAX does not currently utilize video chat rooms (e.g., Google Hangouts) to conduct interviews;
  • Communications at the application phase requesting your social security number, national insurance number, date of birth, or other sensitive personal information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below if you think that a communication or career opportunity that you have received from MEDNAX may not be legitimate. Please be prepared to email all documentation you received including original emails as attachments.

MEDNAX Security Department:

We do not accept unsolicited resumes from Search Firms for non-clinical positions. For non-clinical positions, we have a partnership with Scout for all of our direct hire search firm activity and as such, all inquiries and resumes must be submitted through Scout. Scout is an easy to use recruitment marketplace integrated within Bullhorn, PCRecruiter or accessible via Scout Connect. Accordingly, we respectfully ask agencies not to solicit our business managers or Talent Acquisition team directly and to reach out to Scout at


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We know that in order to take great care of the patient, we need to take great care of each other. That’s why we offer competitive benefits packages complete with:

Competitive Compensation

401(k) Retirement Plan

Health/Welfare Insurance

Stock Purchase Plans

Paid Time Off

Continuing Education (CME/CNE)

August 11-August 13, 2019 | Austin, TX

Innovations in Neonatal Care 2019

This conference offers a comprehensive understanding of a particular aspect of neonatal care, covering a new theme each year. Expert faculty includes sub-specialists who provide insight into state-of-the-art treatments, research and techniques focused on the unique conference theme.

Learn More

January 16-January 18, 2020 | Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Perinatal Conference

This conference addresses many of the current, dynamic and controversial issues in perinatal medicine. The Steamboat Perinatal Conference attracts a large faculty, all of whom are active in both patient care and clinical research.

Learn More

February 18-February 22, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Specialty Review in Neonatology

An intensive and comprehensive review of neonatal medicine, this course is invaluable to those preparing for certifying examinations, as well as new or current fellows in training seeking an outstanding fundamental pathophysiology course in neonatal-perinatal medicine.

Learn More

February 19-February 21, 2020 | San Diego, CA

NEO: The Conference for Neonatology

One of the premier national conferences in neonatal medicine, NEO addresses cutting edge, yet practical aspects of newborn medicine.

Learn More

April 23-April 25, 2020 | Glendale, AZ

OB Challenges

This conference aims to highlight past achievements in perinatal medicine and outline contemporary strategies to further build upon these successes. It will also review the latest research and recent advancements in improving fetal and neonatal outcomes.

Learn More

Joining MEDNAX has helped us strengthen our on-site radiologist footprint and gives us the IT platform and remote technology we need to expand.

Jason Shipman, MD

Jason Shipman, MD | Radiology Alliance

While I am very new to the company — I only started in May — I am excited by what MEDNAX represents, including what I have seen after visiting a few of our sites. I am inspired by the dedication of our practitioners and the enthusiasm they display. With the simulation program, we have the ability to impact not just our employees but tens of thousands of patients by supporting our practices and encouraging them to perform at their best every single day! I am proud to be part of that team and proud to call MEDNAX home!

Will Enfinger, DCE, CHSOS | Simulation Technical Specialist

I am grateful to be a part of the MEDNAX team, so I can focus on personalized patient care rather than practice management.

Susan M. Kent, MD | Pediatric Hospitalist Services

I love working for MEDNAX! Great retirement, stock options and benefits. The clinic where I work has an awesome staff that collaborates to provide the best patient care experience.

Teresa Whitaker, RN | Maternal-Fetal Medicine

It is wonderful to have a team behind you! Working in a small practice environment, it was a one-person show. I love having the support from my co-workers, colleagues and other managers to bounce ideas off and back each other up! It is a great feeling to be part of a team.

Amy Neece | Front Office Lead

I have been with the company for four years, and have worked in various departments. I love being part of a big company that is committed to provide elite care to patients and great customer service. My day consists of helping and fixing accounts to provide our patients with the best experience possible.

Priscilla Gortarez | Customer Service Coordinator

I have worked with this group since it began in 1979. During that time I have witnessed and been a part of the expansion to the amazing company MEDNAX has become. The guiding principle has remained the same from the beginning and is our trademark: "Take great care of the patient." When you take that great care, everything else falls into place, as evidenced by all of the services MEDNAX provides today. I am proud to work with this company.

Trish Sheridan, NNP | Neonatology

The ED physicians at our hospitals see vRad as an important extension of the clinical care team. vRad’s remote radiologists are just as concerned about patient care, throughput and management as our on-site physicians.

Kenneth Hite, MD | Medical Director for Radiology, Radiology Consultants of Lynchburg

Our partnership with MEDNAX helps us strengthen our on-site physician footprint and gives us the IT platform and remote technology we need to expand.

Jason Shipman, MD

Jason Shipman, MD | President, Radiology Alliance

I have the opportunity to focus 100% on patient care. I don't have to worry about billing, and I don't have to worry about the business of medicine. That is all taken care of through MEDNAX, and I am allowed to just focus on the care of the patients.

Douglas Moeckel, MD | Neonatology

MEDNAX is a motivated, well-structured, dynamic company that benchmarks "best-practice" standards of health care. MEDNAX strives to ensure the best possible outcomes for the clients and families we serve. Since joining MEDNAX, I have had the opportunity to work with a detail-oriented team that participates in local and company-wide initiatives that aim to develop highly collaborative, supportive, efficient and effective health care.

Yvonne M. Torres dos Reis, NNP | Neonatology

MEDNAX has greatly improved our relationship with the hospital and they have increased our ability to recruit new staff. I'm not sure what we would have done without them.

William Kephart, MD | Anesthesiology

No one can anticipate all of the changes that inevitably occur in anesthesia. MEDNAX was a large change for us, but our practice has remained strong and thriving. I am looking forward to new anesthetists and anesthesiologists joining our group, and developing a model of anesthesia practice that others will strive to achieve here in the greater Minneapolis area.

Nate Zwagerman, CRNA | Anesthesiology

I am a nurse and began working with MEDNAX as a PRN hearing screener in Dayton, Ohio, fourteen years ago. From the beginning, I have been motivated by the autonomy, access to information, leadership and ability to improve lives. Along the way, I have gained a whole new respect for what it means to "take great care of the patient," and how that extends beyond clinical care – to how we educate, the quality of the service, the way we bill and how we take care of our patients and hospital partners. We take care of our parents, patients and stakeholders. We do the right thing. That means a lot to me. On a personal note, the relationships I have built as part of this team are invaluable to me, and I believe help the company continue to succeed.

Laura Hall-Koethe | Newborn Hearing Screen Program Director of Operations

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